Monday, April 19, 2010

Some hilarious stuff to laugh at!

Since I haven't been on in like.......FOREVER! I'd like y'all to read this! It's super hilarious!!!!!!!! Gotta go, updating blogs and such! :)

On a curling iron:
For external use only. Warning: this product can burn eyes

On a printer toner package:
Do not eat.

On wheelbarrow:
Not for use on highway.

On pepper spray:
This product may irritate eyes.

On Frisbee:
Caution, may contain small parts

On a card for a one year old's birthday:
Not suitable for children 36 months or less.

On a microwave:
Do not use for drying pets

On a seal on a food package;
Do not eat if seal is missing

On a Swedish chainsaw:
Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand

On a baby stroller:
Remove baby before folding

On the exit row information on an airplane:
If you cannot read or understand this message, please inform the flight attendant.

On children's cough medicine:
Do not drive or operate machinery

On one of those water rings that shoots water in the air when you attach a hose:
Do not dive in head first

Fishing hook:
Harmful if swallowed

Road sign:
Pay attention to the road
Caution, the edges of this sign are sharp

A bottle of hair dye:
Do not use as an ice cream topper

A kitchen knife:
Keep out of children (say "aahhhh", billy! )

On a scooter:
Warning, this toy moves when used

Do not use while taking a shower

Mattress (this is one of the best):
Do not attempt to swallow

Christmas lights:
Warning for indoor and outdoor use only

May cause fire

DANGER: Firing a loaded weapon at a person can cause injury or death


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  2. I absolutely love the scooter one.Well... all of them are sooo funny.=)

  3. I absolutely love the scooter one.=)

  4. Haha me too! That one is hilarious! :)

  5. Those are really funny! I like the one about the microwave! I have changed or added a blog. It's

  6. Those were hilarious!!! :D Thanks for sharing.. :D

  7. Thanks for the comments y'all. I knew that they'd bring a laugh to a couple of people. :)