Friday, December 4, 2009

My Dream!!!!!!!!!!

Hey!!! Well, today is going to be different, I thought that y'all are probably getting tired of me posting lyrics and not the songs, so I have decided to tell y'all my dream (one of them anyways!)! Well, here it dream is to become a better pianist, probably as good as Jenna Lehman(a lady that sometimes visits our church). She is super good at piano, and I wouldn't mind becoming like her!! If y'all could here her play(which you can in a minute) y'all (pianists) would definitely try to be like her!!! *Note: Here is a link to here her play: Hope y'all like it! Anyway, I would definitely love to sound like her!!!! I would also love to trade in my old piano (a Royal Cincinnati Cabinet Grand) for a black, Baby Grand piano (for a new house) or a keyboard (with all the stuff) and headphones!!!!!!!!! That would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!! The other part of my dream is to record Cds of me and my dear friends! I would love to make at least one Cd, that's why I have been wanting new sheet music! :) Well, I guess I told you alot of my dream, now it won't come true *cries*! :'( Anyway, I better go! Bye y'all!

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