Monday, November 23, 2009

Soldier, Brave and Strong

Hey!! Back to my normal routine!! :) I love this song and we'll possible use it as our Teen Group "theme" song!!! Possible!!! ;) The words are great and I love it!! I guessed it's based on Ephesians chapter 6 with the whole armour of God! I hope y'all will get a blessing from this song as I have! I wish I could post the tunes!! Oh well!! *sighs* Better go!! Have a great week!!

1st Verse: God has given Christian armor to the ones who follow Him,
For without His strength and power we can never conquer sin,
So with peace and truth and righteousness we stand against the wrong,
God is making me a soldier brave and strong!

Chorus: So I'll march to the battle with the Sword of the Lord,
And I'll face every giant by the power of His Word,
Through His might, I will conquer and I'll sing His triumph song
God is making me a soldier brave and strong.

2nd Verse: With the helmet of salvation and the mighty shield of faith,
I must fight until the evil cannot find a hiding place.
With all prayer and perseverance, though the battle seems so long,
One day we will join the great victorious throng.

(Chorus x2)

God is making me a soldier brave and strong!

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