Monday, November 16, 2009

I'll Break the Chains

Hey everyone!!! This song is not from the Karpenkos.....amazing!!!! :) haha!!! This is actually from Victorious Valley. It's one of my families favorites......especially mine!!!! :) If you heard the song then you would know. The tune is catchy and the words are amazing!! Hope y'all enjoy!

1st verse: I was walked life’s lonesome road, with the great and heavy load, burdened by the shackles of my sin. When I heard the Saviour say "God will take your sins away." Repent my friend and turn your face toward him.

Chorus: I’ll break the chains that bind; I’ll lose the scales that blind. I’ll give you life, I’ll give you joy; I’ll ease your might. And when your life is oar, I’ll call you home to heaven’s shore, come unto Me I’ll break the chains that bind.

2nd Verse: I did not go home that day I’d rather live my life my way, so further down in darkness did I fall. No longer could I go, than I lost all trace of hope. So once again I heard the Saviour call.


3rd Verse: I finally bowed down on my knees crying, ‘Save my soul, Lord please.’ Jesus heard my painful desperate call. His blood cleansed my soul pure white. I’m now guiltless in His sight, glory to His name I’m heaven bound.


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  1. Love this song... would sure like to find a sound track!