Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodly Heritage

Howdy y'all!!! This is one of my other many favorites!!! it's called, "Goodly Heritage" and it has a wonderful meaning to it!! If y'all know the Karpenkos or the Raubs, then y'all have probably heard it from one of their CDs. I love this song, and I hope that y'all like it as well!! Bye for now! Good News Club is today!!!!! YAY! Bye!

1st Verse: I may not have riches as some others may But I have a mother who knows how to pray And maybe there's some things I've missed in my youth But I have a father who stands for the truth.

Chorus: I have a goodly heritage I'm blessed with things you can't see I have a goodly heritage
And that is worth far more to me.

2nd Verse: And if in the future, my parents pass on, To dwell in that City we've come to call Home They may not leave me the goods of this world But I have accepted their God and His Word.



  1. I had never heard of that song until you posted it.=)

  2. WOW! I just love this blog.It is sooooo awsome!
    I really reall like the roses!:)
    Sam k

  3. Thanks both!!
    Elizabeth, I really like this song! I don't know how to post songs, so sorry!

  4. I like that song a lot too. :)