Friday, October 30, 2009

Sing Praise to God

Hey y'all! I have decided to post the song which the title I'm using for my blog's title! The song is one of my MANY favorites, and I think it was sung by a group called the Wilds. They are great at snging and have many good songs! Well, hope y'all enjoy this song...I do!!!

1st Verse: Sing praise to God Who reigns above, the God of all creation, The God of power, the God of love, the God of our salvation. With healing balm my soul is filled and every faithless murmur stilled: To God all praise and glory.

2nd Verse: What God’s almighty power hath made His gracious mercy keepeth, By morning glow or evening shade His watchful eye ne’er sleepeth; Within the kingdom of His might, Lo! all is just and all is right: To God all praise and glory.

3rd Verse: The Lord is never far away, but through all grief distressing, An ever present help and stay, our peace and joy and blessing. As with a mother’s tender hand, God gently leads the chosen band: To God all praise and glory.

4th Verse: Thus, all my toilsome way along, I sing aloud Thy praises, That earth may hear the grateful song my voice unwearied raises. Be joyful in the Lord, my heart, both soul and body bear your part: To God all praise and glory.

5th Verse: Let all who name Christ’s holy Name give God all praise and glory; Let all who own His power proclaim aloud the wondrous story! Cast each false idol from its throne, for Christ is Lord, and Christ alone: To God all praise and glory.


  1. That is such a cool song! I really like music too! Thanks 4 visiting my blog!

  2. Your welcome, Sara! Again.......LOVE your dog!!